Adam Kinzinger Calls Out His Own Party In Emotional Statement At January 6 Committee Hearing

Before asking questions of witnesses at the January 6 Committee, Rep. Adam Kinzinger (D-IL) spoke out agains those in his own party who oppose the hearings.

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  1. Pathetic man-child.
    Get this rino out of office.
    "Deadly insurrection"?
    How about patriots mad at the fact that the election was stolen right in front of everyone?

  2. As a patriot your patriotism is to the Constitution, not your party. I guess, No More Liberals isn't a patriot although he likes to claim he is. An insurrection is a way to overturn a Constitutional procedure.

  3. The only way you can still support Trump and so many Republicans after the insurrection is if you are deluded in some way or are a racist or an evangelical Christian who believe Religion trumps country. Trump tried to mount an insurrection. His acting attorney general Rosen has agreed to testify.

  4. If you help I will never give you shit as long as your in the Whitehouse because it's a pain the as brother trust me it's a pain in the ass

  5. This guy is the only hope for Republicans like me! Thank you for calling out the BS that has taken over our party.

  6. No Emmy for this Adam or the other! MAYBE a Golden Raspberry Award, but no Daytime Emmy! Disgusting display from a US Congressmen (well more like a Congressbaby!)

  7. Adam "Wussie-weeper" Kinzinger is the biggest phony 'Republican' ever to serve in Congress (aside from Lynn Cheney), a guy who used his 'big military hero' (ha!) experience as a sop-and- prop to get elected, and now sheds a torrent of crocodile tears to bemoan an almost total non-event so greatly exaggerated that it is beyond words. What a phony. What a wuss. What an utter shame to the very idea of a representative republic government.

  8. Kinzinger and Chaney are the last two true republican's but people rally on what McCarthy says….I would not be surprised if he was involved in the overthrow of the U.S. Government…..Kinzinger should throw his hat in the next Presidential election….with Chaney his running mate.. Since there party is shunting them….

  9. What about the Policemen that were MURDERED and injured during the RIOTS In 202O?is he trying to find the true as to who incites the liberal crazies? This. Rino needs to change parties, no wonder why pelosi picked him

  10. When will we hear from the cops in Detroit… Chicago… Seattle… Portland… Baltimore… that have dealt with constant violence, riots, arson, etc?

  11. I live in This SOB’s district!! I want nothing more than sending him back home!! It’s gonna be tough though! Finding a true Conservative to challenge him is hard! And there are no Dems that can beat him, given the logistics of the district! Our only hope is that he runs for Governor! It’s said that he’s thinking about it; either that or the Senate! But He’ll, we don’t want him in those positions either!!!

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