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One dead, 11 injured in a bomb blast near Karachi Memon Masjid
Police, and rescue reached the site

At least one woman was killed while 11 others have been injured when a bomb ripped through Bombay Bazaar near New Memon Masjid in Karachi’s busy Kharadar area on Monday evening.

A police officer from the Kharadar police station said that they had just parked their van at the market when the explosion occurred.

Hospital officials confirmed that they had received a body of a woman while 11 others had been brought in an injured condition.

Witnesses added that an explosion went off near a parked motorbike which damaged the van and several other parked vehicles including motorbikes and a rickshaw. It also caused a fire which they put out on self help basis.

Counter Terrorism Department and Bomb Disposal Squad have arrived the scene and have been examining the area.

A police statement confirmed that an Improvised Explosive Device caused the blast which left several people injured including an ASI Badaruddin who is now out of danger.

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  1. سوال،یھ،ھے،کھ،بلاول،ھاوس،پر،سعید،غنی،کے،گھر،پر،شرجیل،کے،گھر،پر،مرتضعوھب،کے،گھر،پر،دھماکے،کیوں،نھی،ھوت،یھ،لوگ،کینوں،نھی،مرتے،گنجا،کھیتا،ھے،اتنے، بڑے،شھر،میں،سب،نظر،نھی،رکھ،سکتے،تو،تمھاری،فورس،،،تو،تم،لوگوں،کی،حفاظت،پر،معمور،ھے،لوگوں،پر،نظر،کون،رکھیگا،اگر،غیرت،ھے،تو،استیفعے،دو،اور،گھر،جاو

  2. Is hakoomat ko Kabhi khouf Nahi ata apnay hi logon ko bomb sai uratay huay .😡😡 School Kai bachon ko bedardi sai mara kursi Kai liyae KS had tk ja saktay hn

  3. ‏جو خوشحالی میں بھی اور بدحالی میں بھی ( اللہ کےلیے) مال خرچ کرتے ہیں
    اور جو غصے کو پی جانے اور لوگوں کو معاف کر دینے کے عادی ہیں
    اللہ ایسے نیک لوگوں سے محبت کرتا ہے۔
    (سورۃ آل عمران آیت نمبر 134)

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