Crime in SA | Policeman turned gun on himself

A nursing student was gunned down at Thembisa hospital this morning. 30 year old Lebo Monene was shot, allegedly by her boyfriend. It’s been a hearbreaking and traumatising day at the healthcare facility. eNCA’s Lindokuhle Xulu has more details. Courtesy #DStv403


  1. At this rate…death penalty imminent…seems law makers dodge this issue. What do they want to achieve in a country were violent crimes are skyrocketing. Is the law serving its purpose? Who is responsible ?

  2. something has to he done. there is a solution, women should report to the police and threatened women should be hidden and the husbands should not be aware, Germany gives women who report to gender base violence first priority. They hide them and surport them financially, please follow their example

  3. Sometimes "red flags" r there but because a person is in love by tht particular moment, we turn to ignore everything

  4. It's about time South Africa takes psychological needs seriously. This "Be strong, be a man" thing is the reason why South African men are under fire for their behaviour. A lot of South African men need psychological help because of generational emotional and mental abuse. It's ok to seek help, it's not ok to keep it in and then explode.

    The fact that people are feeling sorry that "He got cheated on" it's not about that. People get cheated on all the time, but you seek help if it affects you.

  5. people and their cellphone at the time like this its really sad.may the almighty God have mercy on us.i pray God make it easy for the family.

  6. We must check both sides man's site and the woman's site we can't just say man are Killers. There's something wrong between the two Amen

  7. Let's remember police officers are also human with feelings too they are not unique let the law take it's course

  8. That's is why I don't trust this police officer.they minds are too small and the solution is to kill.go to hell strong enough once the relationship is over then move on with life.fokof this currupt police maaaan.

  9. Very complexed issue but sad. I believe woman need to stay in position as a woman and wife. Woman need to take their place and let man be the man to avoid conflicts.

  10. How very sad, a beautiful life taken, so so sorry. Sincerest condolences to family, collegues and friends.

  11. The crazy part is I don't feel sad about all this because just yeseterday I was really sick so I went to the clinic to go get checked for COVID . The nurse's at that clinic have me a difficult time and all sorts of hostility and passive agression. They made me wait for hours and hours. I had to go up and down finding somehone who can help me. The nurse that helped me had this very disgusting attitude & was rude. At that moment I really felt like taking a gun and shooting all of them for their poor behaviour & attitude they were dishing out to me for no reason. I guess its a good thing I did not kill them. Be kind guys please so you can live to see the next day. You wanna be rude or agressive be my guest because, another human being wont hesitate to blow your brains out just like this guy.

  12. I'm confused here !!!!! Why they treat him ???? They should let him die slowly with lots of pain !!!! Cos here in south africa he will be a free man in one month !!!! Aag! You make me sick maan!!! Dirt south africa aag!!!!

  13. This is Sad and so embarrassing I think the policemen was disparate for Love ! Disparate peoples can't let you Go !!! RIP to an innocent nurse

  14. It is really heartbreaking to see a young life lost like this. If police officers do this within our communities, the very same officers to took an oath and are suppose to protect us as stipulated in the Sec. 205 of the Constitution of our Republic. Then where are we going, who are we suppose to trust to uphold the law, who are we suppose to trust with our safety and security? RIP Nurse Lebo❤️

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