Dr. Anthony Fauci On Cases Surging Around The Country

Dr. Anthony Fauci encouraged people to get vaccinated and warned that allowing the virus to freely circulate could create new variants.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Dr. Anthony Fauci On Cases Surging Around The Country


  1. Mandates are morally and spiritually wrong for America and the world. No human should ever be forced or coerced by their employer, school or government to have a medical procedure, including vaccines, against their will.

  2. If the vaccines are ineffective why the big push, First the unvaccinated, Now it’s the vaccinated people’s fault, HOW are unvaccinated People spreading a Virus they do not have, I haven’t had the Covid, nor ever took off my mask in public! How can I be spreading it! Spreading what? Yes I thought so!

  3. Why doesnt Dr Fauci talk about the vaccine and those who cant take it because of medical reasons. I had cancer, radiation and chemo, a liver transplant, am a diabetic and have just been told I am facing kidney failure. My low immunity would put me at risk with the vaccine. I want him to address people such as myself who are not belligerent just guarded.

  4. Flip flop fouci….. Clearly they finance kind of function research in the Wuhan lab !! Rand Paul is right on the money !! Felchi controls all the scientists purse strings in the United States !!! Power !

  5. Let's talk about the money from the nih and the Wuhan lab gain of function. Hellloooo why are we not investigating??!!!

  6. Falsi..what happened to your oveeremphasied arrogant socalled superior "confidence"?
    Muffled..wind out of sail, exposed, scared out of your gardendwarf diapers,finalizing your will?
    Wanted to play chess with humanity…ended up playing marbles in a dirthole. 😂

  7. Maybe all the unvaccinated will soon die off & the rest of us will be ok. Please get sick & don't go to the hospital w/your selfish self & allow our tired & overworked hospital staff be able to take care of other kind of sick folks.

  8. 🚫Is the Chinese Corona virus vaccine working or not? So why get it if it’s not working and we have to go back to wearing masks again because of Biden‘s and Democrats vaccination failure 😨 👎🏻

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