Global National: Feb. 5, 2022 | Anti-COVID protesters stage rallies across Canada

On this episode of Global National: It has been exactly a week since the so-called “Freedom Convoy” rolled into Canada’s capital protesting against COVID-19 mandates. As Mike Drolet explains, some are vowing to stay for the long haul.

And, thousands of Canadians have taken to the streets across other parts of the country to protest against pandemic restrictions – including a large group in Toronto. Alan Carter reports.

Plus, who will secure leadership of Canada’s Conservative Party? Mercedes Stephenson takes a look at the latest for the party since the ousting of former leader Erin O’Toole.

Large-scale blackouts, flight cancellations and traffic disruptions were seen across a large swath of the United States due to the aftermath of a major snowstorm. Jennifer Johnson has the latest.

More than 50 years after Vancouver’s legendary Black neighbourhood, Hogan’s Alley, was bulldozed to make way for viaducts, a UBC student hopes to re-establish a sense of community by starting a Black library. Paul Johnson reports.

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  1. This Freedom Convoy 2022 enlightened me how evil corrupted are Liberals, parliament and city of Ottawa mayor really are. They hid so many truths by the mainstream media. Absolutely corrupted CBC, CTV and GlobalTV. Spit on their faces! Disgusting to live through to see this much corruption in Canada. I came from Asia decades ago and corruption was normal culture that is why our family moved away from Asia but to witness the same in Canada by corrupted Trudeau and Freeland is disgusting. Before I am dead, will plan to move to Alberta at least the mindset of people there are broader and they believe in God. In Ontario and Quebec the word God is missing on politicians vocabulary.

    I don’t even trust the mainstream media what they show about Russia and Ukraine. How much of truth they are hiding? I don’t know. Time will tell. What an eye opening experience for me last few months. Don’t believe anything you watch on TV, believe the opposite. 😂 you have a better chance of knowing the truth.

  2. Again Pathetic reporting, Suggest Everyone goes to Live streams, and Rumble if you want to see what the MAJORITY at the rallies are saying. I hope the Freedom convoy does a couple things. 1. Wakes Canadians and the world's population up. 2. And holds Legacy media accountable for their tainted political agenda. The people won't be fooled so much anymore. Also, why are you not showing what the majority of protestors think of your reporting? The facts are that the Podcasters that you have tried to shut down have 11M and 5M viewers respectively per podcast. YOu like CNN will go the way of the Doe-Doe. Q.E.D. Suggest you MSM broadcasters start applying for all those dishwashing jobs that have been made available from the shutdowns.

  3. My fully-vaxxed sister went to Parliament Hill on Saturday to see for herself what was going on and she said it was "fantastic"! She also said it was better than any Canada Day event she had ever been to and it was like they were "making up for the last two Canada Days that Trudeau stole from us"! Support FREEDOM, support the truckers and quit whining about your first-world minor inconveniences!

  4. I'm curious… I'm listening to this report a week after it was done. So, we've been in this now for two weeks+. If the pandemic was so bad, how come there is no increase in hospitals due to covid and any of its variants? Shouldn't that be a sign that mandates could be stopped? And we should go back to normal?

  5. lol Anti COVID proteste??? …most of them took the Vaccines!!

    Should be called Anti Tyranny protest, Anto Communism Protest for a clearer picture Global News! anything less from you frauds would be uncivilized!

  6. Obviously not enough in Victoria! Bonnie can't hear us or science. She is going ahead and removing more essential workers! Apparently we are doing so well we can manage to lose more workers!

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