1. I know how she forward family feeling I know she feel because I am being abused by a neighbor here in the USA and it's the same thing I am developing of mine as a woman a middle-aged woman to kill him I am telling you the religion that I belongs to that we shall not kill you should not take revenge but I am developing of mine and I know I believe he was beating her up I believe he was abusing this woman and I believe that you had no other way Shore life was threatened her safety was all but threatened our children life was threatened and she did that God got to forgive her but I can see where she's coming from I am suffering right now today I am not in a relationship with the man the man is just crazy and I'm living in the apartment door opposite him

  2. Violence against any one is wrong period!!! Where are the welfare people?? Counseling helps especially if your business is handle discreetly get rid of the backyard thing let these agencies work for the people.

  3. Too much stabbing that ends in fatality, look how long Jagdeo and Kwayne been sword fighting all now ain’t nobody get hurt, y’all need to take a page out of them two fella book and start stab each other’s in the name of pleasure.

  4. Them PPP IDIOTS in Parliament cannot make decisions without BaRat or the Chatree approval typical Square Pegs in Round Holes.

  5. "we in Power, we can do what we want" is PPP doctrine by Actions. Guyana has a PRESIDENT who is NOT in-charge but want his own Police Commanders, Vice-Pres Jagdeo who is NOT Eligible to be Pres appointing his own Oil Minister from Outside of Parliament. AG Anal Nandalall authorise Cancellation of $Million THEFT Charges against Himself & Abuse AG Authority to Persecute Afro Guyanese. Splurging $Trillions without Tender. Did Doctor 'kil' say INDIGENOUS, after PPP wasted $Millions to rename them AmerINDIAN for Guyanese CASTE System?

  6. In most domestic cases they r always children involved most women stick it out because of their children's .

  7. Sad he died I reckon he never expected tables will turn. We are ready to condemn domestic abuse against women and rightly so. However a lot of men that abuse women their mothers/female(not all the moms) guardians are to be blamed. When their sons verbally abuse their wives they find excuses. They encourage their sons to see women as objects. I have witnessed such behaviour many times. Mothers, aunts etc speak to your sons from very tender age about respect and value for women.

    Hope the young lady isn't charged.

  8. Rummy jaaattthhh like you got solid diarrhea because your friends MOTION got stuck up your rear cavity.

  9. It is rum,it is rum,nothing else but rum.I am fed up of these spouses with elastic hands,especially when they consume rum.Young lady I wish you and your family all the best.
    I am very sorry for what you went and are going through.

  10. I condemn all violence against women or men in all forms.woman especially is a gift and blessing from God to man.qe must love and care women.any man that abuse a woman is wicked and heartless.we all know that their is some really wicked woman and man,that doesn't give anyone rite to take law into their own hands.this women must face criminal charges or else others will follow her actions.if ur in a abusive relationship get out and move on.

  11. Ramjattan don't know what he is saying. This is the man that say whe ballot box was open he confronted gosts and the gost was a wicked one..during 2020 election. How can we take these people seriously.

  12. The police in India killing each other over state land border dispute? Crazy people! Just like their relatives in Guyana.

  13. This is a day of reckoning for women abuse in Guyana. I support any woman who takes action against her abuser. Unfortunately the man died, but he had no right to lay a finger on her. The system needs to work better to help victims of abuse.

  14. Any man beating a woman deserve to die. Because i came from a woman and we has men need to love them. Without a woman we'll be born on this planet earth.. so this woman most walk free no jail to be cass on her..

  15. I stand in support with the woman who defended herself against her abusive husband. He deserved what he got, I just hope she doesn't end up in jail.

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