Hiru TV Paththare Visthare – හිරු ටීවී පත්තරේ විස්තරේ Live | 2022-05-16

Hiru TV Paththare Visthare – හිරු ටීවී පත්තරේ විස්තරේ Live | 2022-05-16

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  1. ආ ගෝඨා දැන් මොකද කියන්නෙ කවුද කිවිවෙ ⁣ගෝල් පේස් අරගලය ලේවිලක් කලේ උබව අත්අඩංගුවට ගන්න ඔිනෙ අනිවාර්යෙන්ම

  2. Folks, please think beyond the current crisis. We need to understand the root cause that led to SL becoming “the laggard” in the region over decades and subsequent collapse. It is the parliamentarians who set the right fiscal policies and other progressive law and order policies essential for robust continuous economic growth. Absence of good fiscal policies, independent judiciary and law and order agencies led to corruption and financial ruin we have faced now. So, it is absolutely essential we elect “capable” characters with good “moral values” (absent in the current bunch) to the legislature/parliament to pave the right way forward in the very next election. But sadly, current undemocratic electoral system (introduced by evil old man JRJ) where candidates have to win votes at very large district level, gives an unfair advantage to the candidates of cashed-up major political parties and prevents decent capable independent candidates from being elected. Major political parties are infested with morally bankrupt cached-up characters who are incapable of governing the country. I honestly can’t see capable people with decent moral values coming through any of the major political parties under the current electoral system. So, current system where candidates have to win votes at very large district level must be replaced with small electoral divisions where candidates with modest funds could effectively campaign and win. This reform must be followed by the abolition of executive presidency. Some argue for a more ceremonial presidency but that will leave room for unscrupulous parliamentarians to play games – increasing and decreasing presidential powers through amendments in the future. Hence, complete abolition of Presidency is the most desirable. Don’t even leave a strawman as the President.

    During this crisis it is up to the people in the central bank to work-out the framework for debt restructuring and proposing a short-term fiscal budget to satisfy IMF requirements. IMF will release money in several small tranches, continuously monitoring the implementation of the fiscal policies by the parliament. They will not allow non-revenue generating infrastructure projects. At this moment, immediate task of the parliament (hope we get a stable parliament!) is to a) Debate and implement the fiscal policies to get the IMF funds trickling in and

    b Vote to change the constitution to abolish the Presidency altogether and change the electoral system. These two changes are absolutely essential for long-term progress of our nation. Actual implementation may commence after the current parliamentary cycle (next election). If we don’t force the current parliament to implement these vital changes right now, it will never happen and voters will have no choice but to vote for morally bankrupt candidates put forward by the major parties again and again. Mark my words.

  3. හරිම ලස්සනයි තමා කිරිවෙහෙරනම්… ඒත්,,, මේ මො කක්ද කියන්නේ බලන්න… ගිහියාගේ ආත්මාර්ථකාමීත්වය සහ පැවිද්දාගේ ආත්මාර්ථකාමිත්වය ?.. බොහෝවිට කථිකයන්ගේ පෞද්ගලික චරිතයගැන මනා පැහැදිළි කිරීමක් වගෙයි…(ගිහියා එපාලු,.. පැවිද්දා ටිකක් ඔ්නෙලු)

  4. ඔයා චමුදිත නිකන් බයිලාවක් ගහන්නේ.කෝ උදයංග එක්ක කථාකරපු ඔයාගේ සාකච්ඡාව ? ඇයි ඉවත්ක⁣රේ.

  5. Nika boruwa, epa, eka, meniha, pahara Dela, thiyenne,, ai, dam, preyasad, mHinda, namal, munwa ai, athadanguwata, nogane, kaseppu, joniya

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