How UK PM Boris Johnson’s false claim about Jimmy Savile led to a political backlash – BBC News

A look at a false claim made by the prime minister about Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer and its fallout.

Outside Source’s Ros Atkins talks through what was said, the political reaction and the targeting of Sir Keir by protesters near Parliament.

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  1. Fact… Savilles cases were all dropped and he was protected. Will no one take resonsiblity on this small detail. Boris was talking truth which is the bigger news here!

  2. If anyone is responsible for Sir Jimmy ,it's the Queen and the BBC. BBC Manchester had a bug part in national state peadophilic practices. Stuart Hall,Eddie Waring and all the way to Max Clifford and Madelaine's father….peado's of Media.
    Remember , it was Boris s chums who put SIR Jimmy in charge of Broadmoor! These are ( still ) our rulers,bad Talmudists and masonic peado's.
    Having a go at Kier was pathetic,considering the deliberate policy of greater Manchester police and the Operation Cleopatra legal team to hide peadophilic activity ,backstab their abused clients, then breathe a sigh of relief as the old Oxford Rd building was demolished as quick as possible.
    Eton peado's still running the show.

  3. Boris johnson has just become the only prime minister in uk history to be questioned under police caution for breaking his own laws

  4. F off bbc we all know your pro labour but time we got rid of you(scum) It’s not fake he was head of prosecution at the time and said there was not enough evidence to convict saville! Fact!!!

  5. “Our sources showed that this lockdown in Xian is a military drill. So there is not only one type of hemorrhagic fever virus released,” Dr. Yan said, adding that the military separated the patients who were experiencing different symptoms from one another, such as Marburg symptoms.

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    Several cases of hemorrhagic fever were even reported in the UK just days ago, marking the first time the illness was found in the country in over a decade.

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  6. Dr. Yan explained that the CCP was developing more “gain of function viruses” mixed with powerful misinformation operations to sow more chaos when another outbreak occurs.

    And a good testing ground for this next phase of their bioweapons program is the 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing, Dr. Yan claims.

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    Dr. Yan then described how the CCP recently locked down the northwest Shaanxi province after cases of hemorrhagic fever were recently reported, which the CCP claimed was simply an isolated outbreak of COVID-19.

  7. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is using the Winter Olympics as an outbreak vector for a new and more deadly virus developed by its military bioweapons program, according to virologist Dr. Li-Meng Yan.

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  8. Oh the BBC aren't happy that their involvement in Savile getting away with serial paedophilia is being aired 😅

  9. …..Starmer apologised for the handling of the case…it’s in the public domain…and you are trying to say now that he had nothing to do with it??? ..make up your minds you lying b……s

  10. Only problem with this is the BBC are wrong!
    Starmer did sign off on the Saville papers.
    The incident involving jostling did not happen nobody even mentioned Saville.
    He was heckled by his own supporters for being crap!

  11. Starmer had the power to prosecute Savile but failed to do so. The argument that the decision to not prosecute Savile was nothing to do with him is bizarre.

  12. Boris Johnson and stuart andrew MUST RESIGN because they are habouring false illegal advisory teams : "B.R.A.C."and "N.H.B.C." who WRONGLY suggest using "vapour-barriers"and"perforated foam boards" which just makes dank sweatheaps.
    Therefore is against the true CITY & GUILDS N.V Q. BRICKWORK formulae.

  13. the traitor is bojo dancing on people corps boozing shamelessly at the first occasion making a fool of England while he want war in ukraine for is american uk hating roots sake …and to stop eco project and democratie in russia and ukraine an europe to prevail , for greed and alliegeances to the wrong ideas may fod save our gracious queen

  14. What a surprise the BBC protecting Keri again just like he did protecting saville Boris speaking the truth

  15. Trump type politics….. slurs and smart undermining games … immature politics …. We need 100 percent truth …. On,y Jesus involvement…will bring truth and light to this’System of Governments’….ric

  16. I think Boris is like typical African leaders, but also Trumpianism is winning on conservative party's ideological system at hands of Boris. The longer Boris stays the bigger damage of conservative party it gets.

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