Jamaica News Today February 06 2022/Real News Media TV

Jamaica News Today February 06 2022
Real News Media TV/RNM TV
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  2. Please fast n pray 🙏🙏 only to the most high of the highest who designed n create heaven n earth 🌎⚡💦⛅🌟🌒🌈 sky wind thunder humanity animal love peace n unity sela to all black kings n Queens brothers n sisters i love u u n u all alway. to the government n MPs stop suffer the weak n Sick people of Jamaica hw can the government say only emergency all sick is emergency sela

  3. I think Dr. Wright should stick to his Medical practice and do not try to Politicize the situation involving O'Neil Williams.
    If we have a surge in Covid cases and the Government decided that Hospitals are only dealing Emergency Cases, then it is what it is. The Pbluc Hospitals are not the only ones dealing with Xrays and CT Scans. It can be done privately.
    I am starting to think that Dr. Wright either trying to make his way into Politics or just wants his Name to be in the News as some other people in our Country; hence making statement aimed at going against Governmental collective decision.
    It is good that he decided to treat Mr. Williams for free. Maybe he could arrange with one of his friends to do the CT Scan at a reduced price for him.
    If Mr. Williams was known to the District Constable by way of his Aunt and the Constable had to beat him three times, according to his own statement, then I am starting to wonder what is his temperament.
    The Staff at the Hospitals are presently being overworked even dealing with Emergency Cases only. It would be unfair to ask any of them to make an exception for a case that is not emergency. Should that precedence be set, others like Dr. Wright would use it to make an issue.
    My suggestion to Dr. Wright is to stick to his Profession, continue to give back to the Community where he works/lives and refrain from making one-dided and senseless statement which only aimed at gaining attention to himself.

  4. Jamaica need ministry of health what going on in Jamaica time for all those GOVERNMENT to go open your eyes people full time now let get rid of ALL THE waste politicians and corruption.

  5. That district Constable is wicked,him beat the man mercilessly and now not even medical attention the poor man cannot get,my God smh.

  6. Jah know the health care system is a mess,how can they only accepting emergency cases when people have all sort of other sickness that need attention just the same.

  7. You hear that so often.. driver lost control.
    Cyclists collide into each other .
    Into light posts..

  8. The ministry of health need to take up these hospitals and health centres in hand too many people suffer and even die while waiting for care

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