Jamaica News Today February 5 2022/JBNN

Jamaica News Today February 5 2022/JBNN

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  1. Good day , .The only way to stop crime in Jamaica is to bring BACK HANGING as long as they are proven guilty HANG THEN .AN EYE FOR AN EYE.

  2. Good day. I would like to know what's going on in Jamaica,. I have Listened to the news several times before and I never heard anything about combat crime in my country.
    Please inform minister to bring out the Armys infull force go in the trouble area from door to door and get those criminals and guns.
    We who live abroad would like to come back to our beautiful country Jamaica but are afraid.
    I am begging you please to pass this on to the minister.
    Thank u kindly.

  3. WHY THE GOVERNMENT STILL IMPOSING VACCINATION WHEN IN FACT IT "DOES NOT STOP" GETTING THE VIRUS OR TRANSFERRING IT OR PREVENTING DEATH?!?!?!?! Those HALF-Chinese and Half-koreans in the Government cabinet WANT to kill off the Black majority there, WHILE they bringing in their Chinese / Korean relations from Asia by the container Loads!!!
    Y'all NEED YaHUaH Rapha the ALMIGHTY that HEALS. He's the Solution for the problems plagues pestilences and principalities of darkness that rule the world / India Islands Noth America, South America, Africa, Arabia, Asia, Australia, Europe, Britian (BrUtan), Antarctica, the Seas , etc
    Now, Go figured why Britian tossed away mask and vaccine; because NATURAL immunity is BEST and GOOD Breathing. Vaccinated ARE sickening MORE and Has NO immunity themselves, NOT making Antibodies to fight THIS virus or FUTURE infections. They get myocarditis, heart attacks, Strokes, Sterile, Cancer and Hiv rashes over them ARE ALL ADVERSED Sides Effects of the Vaccine.
    JEREMIAH 17:5
    Cursed are they that put their trust in the hands of men. And have not made YaHUaH their trust.


  4. Vaccine is pure crap. Doesn't work. Lies lies lies. Eat right,take your vitamin, drink natural herb tea and u will all be fine. Put that man made chemical in your body and I wish u all good luck. If there's such a thing.😁

  5. Amen. The rewards should off been in place long time ago. I have been saying that for a long time now.

  6. Black people have been killing each other from the beginning of time. The Hebrews were blacks. The Egyptians were blacks. Black against blacks has always been around. Nothing new here.

  7. One thing killing young people is that we follow too much these days
    Not knowing what you want for ourself
    We are not going to get rid of crime and violence until it begins in every household and every community parents families stop covering up wrong doings

  8. They need to have police at that market 24 hours those people making honest money this is so 😢.

  9. we have the rights and freedom over uno privileges take uno vax and shove it uno set of high ranking murderers

  10. Delcita blame yu father or yu husband. Whoever give you the "Batchelors" name. A dem cause yu get yu Batchelors in Embezzlement. One ting mi know yu get it wid full honors, 75 yrs with 56 million, no dunce caaant achieve dat

  11. Miss Retiree!! Dem shoulda reame you "Miss DASH Crash Without de Cash". Mek u move so fast. Yu shoulda just cruise out at dat age girl. Meen!! mi sure know sey if you did check Google or Cirri dis would not happen to you. Bwoy mi caan even give u nuh advice other than stay pon u knees. At your age I hope you're able to get up back one day.

  12. Yes man 🔥🥵 HOT Gal Shelly you running to fast but you is de wrong Shelly, you not de sprinter suh u de fraud Shelly. Next time stay in Yu lane 😜 or u will get Red ♦️ card. I hope Yu ♨️ sprint yu way to prison, a deh yu belong. When yu go prison learn to enjoy what you have not what Yu don't have Girl I really don't have no mercy fi people like oonuh. A oonuh mek massa God vex.

  13. Guns and killings continues. Where are the new laws for these modern day criminals? When will criminals get real time behind bars for guns and shootings? How many more innocent people have to die before a government member start an uproar to have these legislative laws updated? For every gun that gets off the streets by the police another dozen is shipped back in the hands of criminals. When will the ports, wharf, seas and airports get a better system to detect guns and ammunition? So many youths and member of society going into crime because Jamaica system is so out dated and backwards. When will Jamaica be safe again so Jamaicans can be proud again?

  14. The prime minister Andrew Holliness u born inna Jamaica ah u know seh we have no discipline at all and all u deh run round like Jack man u shoulda set at least five hundred laws aready but a pure 💩 u do dat is why the people of dis country have no respect fe u

  15. And we have black people who takes on the title of Q.C. imagine the offsprings of slaves becoming chief council to the slave master?????? that is a abominable it all is form but we have culturized and normalize these despicable actions and expect the race to prosper. we have failed past and future generations.

  16. The embezzling cashier likely had a nice send-off after working fifty years at the company.
    😆I can imagine the hugs, kisses and the kind words of appreciation.
    Fifty years is a long time to work at the same company, but it's good that she was exposed while she's still alive to tell why she defrauded her employer.

  17. The mark of the beast is out the new world order. Andrew a so the things go not your call international things.

  18. Uplift the mindset. Satan is after the mind. Satan is a Spirit and that spirit is using alot of people. Rebuke negative thoughts and actions.

  19. Pupa jesus christ this is the way crime solve more and more dead every day am tired it's too much condolence to all the family lost their love one

  20. How does vaccination protect you when you can still get Covid or trnasmit it?

    How is it that so many ppl who are vaccinated are still getting Covid?

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