Jamaica News Today July 26 2021/JBNN

Jamaica News Today July 26 2021/JBNN

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  1. The vaccine doesn’t prevent you from getting or spreading the virus people use your head trust God and wear your mask wash your hands wash your reusable mask regular detox yourself wether you vaccine or not sanitizer your house used up your hot water and bleach take care of yourself God help those who help themselves love you all please be safe keep it sanitized down there and keep out of crowded areas

  2. Hello Miss Jones I just get to watch this I was busy doing some YouTube vlog for my channel thanks for always bring us the news I love your channel 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  3. Driving is a privilege and should not be abused by anyone. If criminals, think they can get away with anything, they should think again. If it's not the Law who gets them it will be the Law of Physics or Nature itself.

  4. Jesus christ every day in Jamaica killing killing what is wrong with our island every day car crash

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