Jamaica News Today July 27 2021/JBNN

Jamaica News Today July 27 2021/JBNN

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  1. How about murder in the first degree? Wtf is wrong with the justice system??? Jesus! There is no justice and hardly any positive news, it’s like anxiety and pain are inevitable.

  2. These people's relatives can't afford food for themselves, the hospital charge money to fix them up, if they don't get the money they s
    Do nothing, now this patient is a burden to them.who do you think create the problem….

  3. The people don't have the resources to care for their sick family members, the Government doesn't want the responsiblity, Shameful if it wasn't for my Sisters and sometimes me, my Aunt who didn't have any children would suffer in Jamaica,

  4. I hope to God him don’t get it Back he is never ever should hold a Gun in is hand again that fucker chat too
    Much that why him run away that big mouth bwoy I hope he doesn’t own one in the State as Well hope not if so the Authorities need to take it away ASAP too I mean It.

  5. Selector u r a public figure u must choose your words wisely am not accusing the sector this is what we r hearing thru a third party this does not stand for me but u stand out peace ,the 18 year old who was molested or gang raped by 2 men she is a full adult if she was 17 then u cud address her as a teenager she is an adult / a young woman those rape hounds must remand in custody too let them sit in jail and do 2 to 3 years dead time then straight to trial find them guilty and prison we nuh tec prisoner straight execute X am out

  6. I can’t believe any lawyer even take his case for beating and drowning the little boy. Illiteracy is causing craziness in Jamaica. Parents needs fi teach dem pickney fi read from early days. Dem too raas dunce and pretty much everyone have internet access. No excuse!!

  7. Sooo,lawyer really represent that guy who kill that child, wondering what he will defend him and say, upholding people to abuse and kill children, just as bad, upholder just as bad as the theif, i hope him live and dead in prison, murderer, rest in peace baby boy omg.

  8. Rhatid Jamaica Covid a increase every day. Masa this is a way fe make the injection mandatory. This CORONAVIRUS thing, all when we take all the injections, inna this world, CORONAVIRUS nah left yah.

  9. Miss Jones I just want to thank you for the good work you have been doing and I want you to continue doing it, but for the gentlemen in the hospital maybe his family leave him because they can't afford the $250,000 dollars but the government willing to spend $13,000000 to take care of him than spend $250,000 dollars and send him home I just don't understand that maybe you can help me understand it.

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