Jesse Watters: This is just the beginning

The ‘Jesse Watters Primetime’ host looks at the left’s bullying and the right’s bravery nationwide in his opening monologue. #FoxNews #Watters

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  1. Finally – some real Americanism blooming! Jesse, thanks for your real reporting. You are the best!

  2. Christians used to justify the pagan temple destruction, simply reclaiming the property. Christians instituted many anti-pagan laws. They issued laws forbidding pagan sacrifice and the worship of pagan images, making them capital crimes, as well as ordering the closing of all temples. Anti-paganism policies were reinstituted and penalties increased. The rapid demise of european paganism due to the intolerance of Christianity. European paganism were intolerated by the Church.

  3. did u think pandemic it's over it's ending? hell no! the truth it's the government don't care about u! let u dead along!

  4. Someone show me a scientific article that says masks are wrong!!?? I know this is an entertainment channel, so why are they talking about news?

  5. Your ownself owe the money giving people you to beat that person ( answer it my queztion )

  6. So many people dying of COVID-19 and most of them are Trump supporters.
    I support No Masks‼️

  7. Trump has split the Republican party.
    Trump supporters have no problems taking Putin's side and destroying AMERICA🇺🇲‼️Trump terrorists  committed treason on January 6th 2021. There are those of us who do not forgive such a treasonous act.
    Trump supports Putin and if you support Trump you are a traitor.

  8. can anyone tell me, how is wearing a mask different from not driving on the pedestrian sideway?

  9. It's Trump a bully you can do or say what you want without his permission and how many Republicans are standing up for anything. What a joke….

  10. Funny how are kids are fighting but the majority of Americans stay silent. I'm proud of these kids.

  11. They should check Trump’s closets in Mar-a-Lago, they will probably find the e-mails of the Honorable Mrs. Clinton.

  12. You all were pehh environment pehh pehh pehh solar panels are from China and don’t work unless you also agree that plastic is dangerous pehh high fructose corn syrup is food pehh electric car is stupid who cares making us all feel badly if we don’t use one pehh pehh zzz OMG ELON MUSK MAKES IT ALL OK and the SAME thing is going to happen with the learning experience through food with a plant based vegan diet you bunch a babies

  13. Just look north of the border. It’s everywhere !!! We’re winning and the whole world knows it. Mask bullies !! Let’s go Brandon!! 2023, impeachment is waiting.

  14. It seems that every little inch you give the left use it to restrict your freedom. We in Canada are now having to work to get our freedom back and it isn't easy. Keep up the good fight.

  15. This is right wing B.S. The leader of the right attacked the capital. Ignores the constitution and promotes violence against democracy. Watters is a FOX news liar.

  16. Bullies will ALWAYS be Bullies so long as it is safe.
    If you stand up to a Bullie this. WILL NOT stop them from being a Bullies. THEY will just find ANOTHER VICTIM.
    The ONLY way to the deal with EVIL is to DISTROY IT

  17. The Great Awakening in the west 2022, like it. Its not a violent, harassing or negative movement, its a logical, well informed and reawakens of who we are and what we value. Can't wait.

  18. Maybe… just maybe… the youth of 🇺🇲 is going to step up, and realize the lies and communist-style control pervading this world MUST BE STOPPED. NOW.

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