Kayleigh McEnany: Biden White House 'hiding' after Virginia 'shellacking'

The ‘Outnumbered’ panel discusses the GOP victory and its impact on the Biden administration. #FoxNews

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  1. Be Make a impartial debate not favour anybody protect who is gulti and defame your County To send wrong message All over World.

  2. People. Don't get complacent yet. The corrupt anti-American Democrats LET them win in West Virginia to keep the rest of us calm. The grim reality is these toxic politicians still control most of the big cities and densely populated areas. They threw us a bone to say, "Look people, the electoral process isn't corrupt." But we all know it really is.

  3. Sometimes turning on the comments can do good for clever marketing meant to sway views. What's with the swap anyways?

  4. How can anyone vote DemRats after 9 months hell , Afghanistan withdrawal, souther border millions coming in unchecked , fuel hikes , California 6bks gallon top job shifty Biden.. Yes we ❤ president trump from Australia 🇦🇺

  5. The truth of it is that smart people are finally realizing how bad for the US the Biden Administration has been, and that we were heading more towards a socialist country (communism). Basically, people of the US are sick and tired of the Biden Administration lying about everything they say or report on the media's.

  6. Donald Trump will WIN & retake the Presidency/Senate & the House in 2024. 🇺🇲 It would be nice if we could bring back public hangings for treasonous bastards.

  7. Kayleigh stuck her head in the sand to spout Trump's lies – and she's still spouting propaganda. How about the Democratic wins – like in New Jersey, where they voted in the first Democratic Governor since 1977. Keep pumping your nonsense, FOX, it's entertaining. (Which is why a lawyer defending you guys stated that everyone knows FOX is "not news, it's entertainment.")

  8. Not from Virginia but sending congrats to the GOP. Sign of great things to come. I live in a hopelessly blue State filled with idiots that still don’t get it. Congress needs to flip big time next year. Go to hell, Brandon!

  9. Mcenany belongs in prison with the rest of them, her and Sara Sanders, they are two of the biggest liars behind. Crazy trump

  10. It’s rigged, no people wanted Murphy back in but you know how that goes. It’s all talk but when they get in the office nothing happens.

  11. Seems like Keleigh is the one on hiding now 🤣😂🤣
    Guess she shouldn't have sold her soul to the false prophet Despot Don.
    Hopefully y'all learned what it's like to know a malignant narcissist and instead of getting behind him next time… RUN AWAY! I learned this after I dated one.. Is he stalking all y'all? 😆

  12. Lyin' Kayleigh and Dracula double Stephen Miller were both subpoenaed by Congress to testify on what they knew about the Jan. 6th insurrection. They join con man Steve Bannon.

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