1. Good morning madam jensaki I have just got your briefing on the bill the unemployment benefit Bill I'm working on it mom and I will receive I will be sending the forward to the United States Embassy staff in Kingston Jamaica sorry about my weekend man have a late start but I am here and I'm catching up with you thank you

  2. Why could they warn people earlier? I am in Ohio and yhry seem to warn us early enough to give us plenty of time to take shelter.

    What can be done better for the next time? That is the question that needs to be asked. These storms can be deadly.

  3. I live in Taylor, there was a few thundering clouds but just a spit of rain, and no damage or downed powerlines.and no flooding.

  4. Same with the lower middle-class older neighborhoods of Livonia, MI, while the city invests thousands in upgrades and infrastructure, they negat and don't put their repairs and upgrades where its truly needed the lower middle-class off of 7 and middlbelt neighbors of Livonia. Instead we conutinuly on an abnormal rate get more power outages, street flooding down lines and damage because city couldn't care less about older lower middle-class neighborhoods until people feed up sell their places and leave because the boards of the city leave us no choice. Nothing but bad city representative and those on our street are feed up with ongoing issues that otherwise on other side of middle belt and new areas are continuously receiving tax paxers money to keep running and any issue are immediately taken care for those residents. While those in lower middle-class neighborhoods near Redford border we are treated as a joke by Livonia Mayor and city counsel who lie and do nothing to put tax dollars here to help resident and get an upgrade to our area its ridiculous.

  5. I was at my cousins house in white lake at the naborhood of broadmore when the warning happened 아영 싸우 코리아 😢

  6. We are living the end of the world in real time, quite amazing if it wasn't so depressing… Hope all of you religious folks have enough prays, but remember, humans cause it and mama Gaia is upset, no way out of this one.

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