NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 31st, 2021

More restrictions to come with delta variant surge, first dose vaccination rates rising, and eviction moratorium ending.
Watch “NBC Nightly News With Lester Holt” at 6:30 p.m. ET / 5:30 p.m. CT (or check your local listings).

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  2. When they make it so hard to apply to get the help is because they don't want to help the people in need they are just pocketing the money n telling people they need proof of this n that .. when it's very simple but they make it look so hard .

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  4. #Covid19 Tell that female politician that said " what we are saying now" but what were they all saying last year and earlier this year and even just last month, week… Day?

  5. I g8 this administration forgot who pu them in the white house its terrible people has to suffer we need to take action

  6. Take me to the fema camp, but I won't get your vaccine that will then be followed by a mandated mark in my hand or forehead to prove I have it. This sound like the prophesy of the mark of the beast system. Seriously, wake up

  7. Doesn't science point to the vaccinated people just becoming the next brake through victims, or is that not the way viruses work isn't the only way to truly defeat this disease is to capture it through Genetic natural selection and mutation? like all the traces of all the other diseases/viruses that we have already defeated in the past that are found in are Genetics, or are the vaccinated people now just the next antibiotics manipulation of sorts now making the covid19 virous stronger hence the breakthrough infections?


    Why would SS pay these scammers 25%? They need to have the person to apply in person, or a home visit. Please cut off your ringer, and let all go to voice mail, where you can call only family and friends back., or they can e-mail you, and you can delete the scammers, unless they threaten you on the voice mail, which is dumb, but do save the voice mail.

    SS etc.must have dishonesty and greedy employees.

    I love how you fooled the poor readers trying to scam!. They never give up lol I just delete them off my voice mail, and my phone ringer is always OFF!

  9. I think that the people who are saying they won't get the vaccine because it isn't FDA approved are actually just using that as a logical sounding excuse, and after it is approved, they will simply find a new excuse. I think it's a childishly simple case of people being emotionally invested in their viewpoint and wanting to be right more than they want to be alive and healthy.

  10. Why are you only about landlords facing bankruptcy. How about those who has no money and no job because of Covid pandemic? They will be evicted and become homeless in millions. Why not speak on their behalf with compassion and empathy. I guess the corporate media only care about their rich owner and investors. How pathetic and evil!

  11. Oh and as far as we're concerned the us since he can't complete my keep his work he better not think that that people are going to want to do a coronavirus again and use a mask because people are not going to put up with this he wants people to do things for him but he cannot do for the people so

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