Nightly News Full Broadcast – Jan. 29

Massachusetts sees more than two feet of snow, bomb cyclone buries Northeast in snow, and Ukraine braces for possible invasion as Russia adds military force.
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  1. Help the Freedom Fighters.. God Bless .
    The Media is state owned.
    God is great God is Good
    God does not want his people on knees with mask on
    Taking experimental jabs for the profit of the Beast
    Deus vult…Amen

  2. See why we should have built only Tower cities connected to maglev Trains worldwide?
    And all people worldwide should have a a Universal Basic Income! See?
    Capitalism was and is the problem, not the solution!

  3. I use to see many vehicles flipped over in Winslow, Arizona while trucking from Los Angeles, CA. i could never check on them due to road conditions with snow and ice.

  4. Democrats and Republicans alike inherently come from the wealthy ruling class due to the economic barriers that come with running for office. The wealthy ruling class along with their corporations fund their campaigns. The largest corporations ensure policies that are in their interests are passed by funding both sides. All of these politicians preach about how they will help the middle class and some of them even try and paint themselves as one of us. They do not relate to the struggles of working class people because they are incapable of doing so. They do not represent you, and they never have. They represent their own interests and that of their donors, other wealthy elites. Their interests are in direct conflict with your interests. They obtain more wealth and power by taking it from you. They earn more by keeping your wages low and prices high. Do you really think they have your interests in mind? This is a dictatorship of the wealthy ruling elite void of true democracy regardless of the security of an election. You're too caught up arguing with who you perceive as the opposing party to realize that you're doing the work of crippling any chance you may have to actually change things for them.

    Liberal Democracy = Dictatorship of the Wealthy Elite
    One person, one vote is now one dollar, one vote

  5. Not a single word about the thousands of protesting truckers in Ottawa Canada?!? Protesting the lockdowns. Remarkable! The entire city is shutdown and you’re not reporting it?? What, have you got an agenda? The very reason I don’t follow NBC.

  6. I'm sure all candidates for the Supreme Court are very qualified . Let's here about these food prices and inflation and what about the Ukraine crisis . We deal with bad wether all the time get a grip …

  7. So far CNN will be the 1st domino to fall they have lost 90% of their viewers. I wonder which network will be next?
    Will you be the last network standing?
    I'm not holding my breath.
    You might accidentally grow some balls and a soul and start telling the truth but again I'm not holding my breath.
    Even if you do by the grace of whatever God you might believe in. Unfortunately you've lied to the people so long they won't know what to believe.

  8. And as far as diss information goes it goes back farther than the Internet I stop buying your lies in 1976 did we have an Internet back then not back then no we didn't but even then I knew you were lying
    So if you have A-war on disinformation which is fine perhaps you should shut your own self down

  9. What about loser Trump in Conroe, TX vowing to pardon 1/6 offenders if the members of his cult will breath life back into his 2024 campaign?

  10. Obama gave Russia Crimea. Hillary paid Russia to interfere with our election. Biden using Russia to distract America from what a mess they are making of our country….see the pattern?…………

  11. Just who does bail release from jail?
    We can't have real people spending time in jail, can we? Only people who can afford bail should be freed in America. Real people. Not to the subhumans. America needs more people in jail. That keeps America free.

    So bail reform in five states is driving the so-called national crime wave ⁉️
    Could somebody explain that to me?
    What do the numbers say?

  12. They are afraid of 'impeachment', one of the things they deserve to be punished for.

    그들은 자신들이 당연히 처벌을 받아야만 하는 것 중에 하나인 '탄핵'을 두려워 하고 있다.

    Impeach President Joe Biden that is justice.

    Impeach House Speaker Perrosi that is justice.

    조 바이든 대통령을 탄핵을 시켜라. 그것이 정의이다.

    페로시 하원의장을 탄핵을 시켜라. 그것이 정의이다.

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