Nightly News Full Broadcast – May 11

President Biden is focusing on struggling farmers in a new push to beat inflation, the Senate fails to pass a bill codifying Roe v. Wade, and Ukrainian forces say they’re gaining ground near Kharkiv.

00:00 Intro
02:22 Biden focusing on farmers to beat inflation
05:34 Senate fails to pass bill codifying Roe v. Wade
07:44 Ukrainian forces gaining ground near Kharkiv
09:58 New video released in capture of Alabama fugitive
11:47 Passenger lands plane after medical emergency
13:57 Indigenous boarding schools
16:47 High-tech female crash test dummies

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  3. Lester Holt should be ashamed to interview the parents of the murdered children. Anything for a freaking story. Shame on you !!!!

  4. Instead of reporting that Brittany Spears had a miscarriage, WHY aren't you reporting on the fact that a bunch of Republicans visited Duarte? Your news reporting is ALL screwed up!

  5. In my district, the schools now teach the treatment of the natives and other minorities. We are making little steps.

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  9. I may not like democrats but atleast their fighting to protect abortion imagine some one who can't afford to have a child going behind some back ally to get an abortion it's putting people in danger these Republicans need to be voted out especially Joe Manchin

  10. Misinformation conducted by the American media. and if millions of people are being paid to not work, it is going to cause financial meltdown

  11. A person who's going to shoot themselves will not yell while shooting themselves I seriously believe he did it and put the gun in her hands because the way she yelled it seemed like she was shocked about it like she was caught off guard she didn't expect it

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  13. Mr.Presidend don't need to promise for anything or anyone . The low aconemy is not president Joe Biden fault.He had done everything He could but the Republican do everything to block . President Biden is doing awesome job 👍👍👍

  14. I don’t know how these news caster can even sleep at night. Everything is always so doom an gloom, but it’s not. They make it that way by never reporting on the good;it’s always the negative.

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