Race For Virginia Gov. Becomes A Toss-Up On Election Day

NBC News’ Steve Kornacki breaks down the poll numbers on Virginia’s election day, where the race between Republican Glenn Youngkin and Democrat Terry McAuliffe is at a close tie with Youngkin taking a slight lead. 

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  1. A huge congratulations to republican Winsome Sears on becoming the first black female Lieutenant Governor of Virginia. Keep voting the Democrats out people! Protect the children!

  2. It's clear a day. Americans are sick and tired of the crazy democrats. Biden is the worst president ever and the democrats operate as the borg all in on everything that the majority of Americans don't want. It's no longer conservative vs progressive. It's normal vs insanity, respectively. Democrats have tipped far into the wackado range on the political scale. We are done with their mandates that are screwing with our lives, livelihoods, and our children. Please leftie media, try to get this through your heads.

  3. Stop! Just heard the Dnc will file lawsuit fir disenfranchised voters suppressed by evil Gop in Virginia ! On behalf if all the dead Democrats who wanted to vote, illegal aliens, especially from Venus, the transgendered who said they should be able to vote twice, and the the drug addicted zombies to high to mail in their vote the dnc demands another 30 million dollars mueller investigation. Unfortunately, the dnc atty just believed he was an atty and when non fake news talked to him, he retreated to his tent under the freeway to smoke his meds.

  4. Glenn Youngkin is projected to win the Virginia governor's race in a rigged election.

    I'm not doubting "Youngkin won" if all legal votes are counted.

    I'm doubting, however, that the election was free of systemic election fraud or that the final tally is even remotely accurate.

    The deep state will use this "victory" to reassure America that there is no need to push for full forensic audits.

    Don't fall for it.

  5. Lmao, are all the little snowflakes heads exploding this morning. Arrrr your election schemes didn’t work like in November this time. Looks like lots of Democrats were able to make sure there wasn’t room for 3am counting shenanigans to help the left. Let’s see how they get over it. It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. One less radical woke wing nut in power. I think the country will start to heal from the cancer next November.

  6. How does speaking about Trump and Biden have anything to do with the governor's election. Seems like a manipulation tactic/perception change to throw off voters. Doubt it works on ppl with half a brain either.

  7. THE DEMOCRATS HAVE LOST IN VIRGINA, This is just the begining, but this govenment is too dumb to hear the message. We will not have anyone try to take away aour freedom of choice , steal our jobs or threate our lively hoods, we will not vote for the democrats again., It was a mistake to vote for them, they have done nothing but give us grief with these forced mandates. this govenment has let us down

  8. Socialism is Nazism

    Socialism is Slavery

    Socialism is Racism

    Learn history.

    Democrats are the party of KKK, Jim Crow and running black communities to the ground, so the only systemic racism is done by Democrats.

    If you real believe in science than know that science says free market and freedom is the best solution for poverty not government.

  9. It's a toss up and go down to the wire. WTF, some time I wonder where these jokers got their journalist degree from E bay, Craiglist, Garage Sale, Flea Marke. or from some homeless guy hang around the Traffic light.

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