Rep. Adam Kinzinger Grows Emotional At Jan. 6 Committee Hearing

Rep. Adam Kinzinger grew emotional at the House Select Committee’s hearing after hearing testimony from four officers who served during the Capitol riot, and thanked them for their service on January 6.

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Rep. Adam Kinzinger Grows Emotional At Jan. 6 Committee Hearing


  1. Words cannot explain how much you embarrass yourself kinzinger not only are you fraudulent but you're a coward and a spokesman for evil… may God have mercy on your Eternal Soul and may you not enjoy one moment of Peace in the meantime

  2. what a tool…not even worth an Emmy for this clown show…he just wants to kick the sheets with a Chinese spy again…it's all he's good for….

  3. I love how lefties celebrate this guy at he's crying about a slightly rowdy crowd, but will vilify him next week if he speaks out against full-term abortions.

  4. That must have been a hard speech to give. Hard for him not to break out laughing at the stupidity of his terrible acting skills. Imagine someone being choked up over a protest. Boohoo, yeah, right.

  5. Adam took down and disarmed a guy who had just slit a woman's throat knowing he would most likely get stabbed. She survived. He served as a pilot in Iraq and Afghanistan. Can't stomach all you gargantuan jerks on here mocking him for showing emotion at hearing the testimony of the brave officers. Calling him weak, an actor, liar, traitor, a baby ,blah blah blah. More of your hatred. He is 1000 times the respectable strong man that you will never be.

  6. Adam Kinzinger proves how worthless he is as an American, a patriot, a congressman, and even as a man. Poor Kinzinger, just another " victim ". Now victimhood has finally started to bloom in the US Congress…..if you can call it a congress. It's really just ANOTHER BIG SHAM on the American people. With a " congress " like this, CCP President Xi might as well be running the country, and for all we know, maybe he is.

  7. At least their offices are standing.
    Guess there's a world of a difference when arson plays a role.

  8. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 This guy freakin hates America, you can tell.

  9. I bet your kids are so proud of your fake tears, but no tears when cities were burned down. Pipe down RINO.

  10. OMG…..never mind all my comments…..I just realized I was posting on an MSNBC video…..and of course I should know that anyone following MSNBC is already a truly lost cause….talk about a CULT………


  12. Hey, we're gonna have the January 6th committee hearings soon……round up as many political hacks as possible and let's portray the 'right' as all being ' enemies of the state ', when in truth, the DEMOCRAT PARTY is the TRUE ' ENEMY OF THE STATE '. I hope the longer these democrat led soap operas go on, the more support they lose from the ' citizens ' on the LEFT. These showboat style hearings are getting tiresome.

  13. This guy`s saddlebags are loaded down with bovine scatology. DOJ must have made the `midnight call` to him too.

  14. I don’t see Rep. Adam Kinzinger as a Republican or Democrat. I see an American. A true Patriot who will not put Party ahead of Country. Bravo

  15. THE MEMES ON THIS ARE AWESOME. He is truly a pathetic man. There were 500,000 people there of course there's going to be a few nuts in the crowd. At least that's what I heard last summer at this time.

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