These are the Republicans who voted 'yes' on infrastructure bill

‘The Big Saturday Show’ panel discusses the optics surrounding the bill.
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  1. I was surprised, when they replaced Chaney with Mallotakis. Considering, she voted against President Trump on some important bills. I wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt. That she'd come to her senses. Unfortunately, she turned out to be the Tulsi Gabbard on the Republican side. Pretending, to be all red, white, and blue. When, she's actually playing for team anti-America. Of course, with the shady Kevin McCarthy with Dimocrat political advisor roommate involved. There is no surprise there. The Dimocrats at least vote in unison on major bills. Even when Nancy has to bribe the dangerous people with plumb committee assignments to vote her way. The Republicans have so many RINOS willing and happy to sell out the country. Plus, all the public chicken counting before they hatch…again. Expect, more destructive legislation from the left before it's all over. Consider, all the sabotage they had four years to accomplish against President Trump!

  2. Biden and Harris traitors against the constitution you cannot invade our country per the Constitution Abdul El-Sayed

  3. Democrats do not care about Americans! They refused to let President Trump put through any “real“ infrastructure bills proving they did not care about this topic!! All they care about is themselves and their power grab to convert this country to communism!! Now they create an infrastructure bill but 90% of it is a mountain of garbage financially rewarding all of their communist buddies!

  4. Term limits are the only answer to end these evil power grabs! The republicans who voted those RINO’s in, need to send them down the river with all their evil Demo-rat buddies!!

  5. I love the first scene we see in this POX video, COST OF INFRASTRUCTURE BIL $1.2 TRILLION.
    They completely ignore the fact that changes in the Tax Code will PAY FOR THIS.

  6. The "13" is a bunch of wimps, and are most definitely greedy, money grabbers, just in it to see what THEY can benefit from it

  7. So Socialists do the Math…..First Blunder of the Socialist…..$1+ TRILLION BAIL OUT………..2nd Blunder $1+ TRILLION LIES of Infrastructure…….3rd Blunder & LIE $4+ TRILLION in his FIRST YEAR of a EPIC FAILURE!!!!

  8. How much did the Trump tax cuts add to the deficit? That’s why mega Yacht Sales are though the roof! 🛳🛥⛴🚢

  9. Unfortunately any Republicans who actually think for themselves and do their job get crucified by Republican Right Winger Trump cultists👎 13 Dead Men Walking ⚰️

  10. The 13 Republicans voter for this, will be voted out, on election days,
    You idiots how much line your pockets,
    Spending your children children and their
    Grandchildren what a poor country you leaving our Children,

  11. Climate change prevention, ports, electric vehicle chargers, clean energy buses and ferries got the least amount of funding in this bill. The whole bill was focused on climate change and the category was funding less than High speed internet. High speed internet is a non issue with satellite internet connections, yet its getting funded 65 billion dollars

  12. Those dirty lying rinos are lower than the lowest of politicians, on the left. I despice AOC abd company, but i like them better than the rinos

  13. 9..percent of 2 trillion dollars a drop in a bucket…. where's the other funds going. An read the next 5 trillion dollars bill before its voted on… wow .what a mess

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