Tighter Covid-19 Measures Coming – PM | TVJ Midday News – July 27 2021

Some teachers in Jamaica are up in arms this afternoon following an announcement by Prime Minister Andrew Holness last evening regarding how teachers who are vaccinated will be treated compared to others.

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Tighter Covid Measures in Another Two Weeks 5:46
MOH: No Vaccines for Children & Teens as Yet 9:55
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  1. Andrew: why you nuh try mandating vaccination with tourists? YOU CAN’T FORCE ANYONE FE TEK THE VACCINE! Period.

  2. Revelation 17:13 “These have one mind, and shall give their power and strength unto the beast ( The Papacy)”.
    These are the beginning of sorrows. Soon climate lockdowns will come and Sunday worship (which will become the Mark of the Beast when it is ENFORCED by law) is going to be the solution to combat ''climate change''.
    Jesus is our only hope of a life outside of this turmoil that is being spun by satan and his agents. Hold fast to God. Stand firm on His promises.Pray. Eat healthy. Cut meat and dairy from your diet. Exercise. Get fresh air. Trust in God. Do not be afraid.
    1 John 14:18
    'There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear, because fear hath torment. He that feareth is not made perfect in love.'

  3. Is a long time mi hear say cigarette smoking causes death. So says the Ministry of Health. Why dem don't lockdown the cigarette companies in Jamaica since dem say that it causes cancer and death. If you think that is love dem love you why dem giving you vaccines you are fooler than a fool.

  4. To this day The Most High as not intervene in this Covid19 matter that as been hijacking and distrupting lives all in the name of tyranny and gobalist. Its only a matter of time when the cup is full shall He rip to nothing this scheme and agenda that seeks to reset all things.

  5. How you politicians sleep at night 👹👹👹👹👹👺👺👺👺👺👺so you are forcing everyone to be a labrat under bullying

  6. Jamaica you all can do better than that seek the face of God for healing than giving the people this vaccine you all don't fear God anymore

  7. Why do u continuing letting foreigners sir.and try to give out free mask people who out there cant buy mask.and will need to give jamaican poorer class people free groceries for lock down oil corn meal flour mackerel sugar.etc….medicine.etc.

  8. this why from day 1 mi neva vote yet; politicians are liars. suh dream weekend a keep a jamaica and foreigners a guh spread it more. kmt. suh wah di sense have curfew den? all of this soon run off. Dem cant stop people overall wid dis world order a bare looting and more killings a guh gwaan.

  9. Gov. Worker are already treated preferably. Now they are being seperated among themselves. This whole vaxine episode is surreal. First infection with no treatment. Looks to me that the true owners of this place want it back.

  10. Ooh Covid only comes out between 8pm-5am?? Gosh it seems our Prime minister in the UK has given Mr.Holness his script to read..Our UK government has lied repeatedly for 18months and it's like listening to him all over again word for word. Our so called restrictions have been lifted, but in reality they haven't, those double vaccinated are still having to test..I would like to see these under 18s interviewed with their parents who have been in these voluntary trials, as yet not seen one interview. WE are the ones they're testing this vaccine on! Trials of vaccines takes years, not months as these Covid vaccines! As you can see you will get preferential treatment if you're vaccinated..Lies, if there's another Lockdown in the UK it's not just for those not vaccinated!

  11. How could a Pm make such a statement like that.does he think before him talk .no one knows what in these vaccines.why are you pushing these garbage on people

  12. Some a oonucuya fe go a de hospital and see de people when dem a dead from this virus. Oonu we change oonu mind bout taking de vaccine. Oonu tek a whole lot a experimental vaccine like de TB vaccine which was sent to de 3rd world country fe experiment pon oonu. Oonu dead yet?

  13. To my pm thing again, alone the lord to continue to leeds you and your team, make sure what you are saying about your teacher, testing and wearing your mask is the best thing to do, even if you take the vacation it doesn't stop you from getting the virus, enforce mask distancing yourself selves,did work and mask will work again ,God bless

  14. I like to asked jamaican priminister Andrew holdnes…..why police had to arrested someone for expressing their opinion..its freedom of speech…..the priminister Andrew holdnes should be sending police to arrested..gun man murdered criminal…..only in noth Korea…IRA. government arrested ppl for freedom of speech…..only dictator leader arrested ppl for freedom of speech…..🤮🤮🤮🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣🗣

  15. Seems they want us to turn against he other now .the people that the ones that took thing should be locked away cause they are the ones bringing the second phase of the covic .how stupid are we to not see this ..we can hardly find food still he is charging us for mask 5,000 it's more than minimum wages .it's slavery stop the guns and leave covic

  16. 140 million dollars for any teacher that get ill after taking it will be a good way to start and must be paid in cash within two days .

  17. What I love about Covid is that it knows when and who to attach and also the time to attack.The people already can't even buy food and take care of their family.What are you going to threaten us with .We are already suffering. When you make not taking the vaccine a criminal offence(people, you notice andrew let the news reader say it ,not him.He know some of you are not listening)it will be time for the rich to suffer. We won't buy their goods and services

  18. Funny how cases only increase when gene therapy is coming in to the country. Bunch of lying hypocrites.

  19. 1179 covid death and the country under lockdown for over a year .but yet we have 1400 murder and the country never lockdown

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