1. 12 M voter turn out proclaims very clearly that Politicians and the ANC specifically, has left the majority without hope. This may be fertile soil for sedition and rebellion. Nothing to be proud of! Shame on you !!

  2. I believe that voting is the first act of building your community as well as building your country South Africa, not voting because RDP house or SASSA grant declined is useless excuse, we must always vote for new leaderships no matter which party.

  3. 2021 Local Government Election ballots was stronger than the bullets to warn ANC cadres, because bad municipal senior officials are the ones elected by good citizens who do not vote.

  4. I would rather go hungry than vote for the DA. The ANC needs to pull up their socks and smell the coffee, we've fought too hard and too long, something that the DA, FF+ will never understand.

  5. Now Friday Back to Reality.Load Shedding Vaccine Force Poor Housing Rude Staff at Home Affairs and Long Que at Labour Office and No Jobs only Criminals.Enjoy The Ride.South Africans.Keep Feeding The Politicians not with Food but with Fat Salary.3 Million.per Month and Body Gaurds

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