Weather News Today: Himachal के Mandi में भारी बारिश से तबाही, कई राज्यों में सैलाब का बढ़ा संकट

Weather News Today: Himachal Pradesh के Mandi में भारी बारिश से तबाही मची हुई है. भारी बारिश से 13 लोगों की मौत हो गई है. कई लोग लापता हो गए है, NDRF का Rescue Operation जारी है. देश के अलग अलग हिस्सों में बाढ़ और बारिश का कहर जारी है.
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  1. State government and navy.
    Navy has power , knowledge and its there duty to deal with river and seas water problem then why navy does remove flood ls only like to showoff ships on water.
    Airforce and military must also help residents before landslides, cloudbursts, flood relief.
    Obey weather warnings, Ghar bacha lega tumko bhadh mein? Mitti ke tere kache ghar beh jainge. Summer houses are different and rainy houses are different. Deaths occur because of taking high risk and living sadly in rainy season. Today take this warning that you will leave, evacuate before rainy season, homeland feelings take lives. Weather warnings were given not that your house would be flooded, hence leave those houses that give sliding visual effects and are around hills. Either hill slide or flooding waters, close or open. both are risky for heavy rain, flood and cloud bursts. Mukadam built buildings with no civil engineer approval houses on around hills are risky. Don't stay there in your cultural houses in rainy season.
    Last many years flood caused flood victims.
    Have you evacuated your state citizens from villages or not. See the mountains, rivers that may cause landslides, floods and evacuate those villages. How can you let people stay at risky areas.
    Tell the local police to help evacuate these areas this month.
    Are you going to evacuate now and save their lives or read flood victims news afterwards?
    There will be many evacuations.
    If you are not saviour then you are killing them since you have power to evacuate them no one else can save them.
    Flash flood, cloudburst or landslides, flood victims can be saved by evacuation only.
    Send those poor to other areas where richer people live safely.
    Let them live their till rainy season ends.
    About local rain, sewage, and flooding, use of flatter stones can protect itself, protect erosion and easily wash away flooding waters. These buildings were having muddy base and surrounding ground is muddy, hence any flood, earthquake destroys it. Either don't give monsoon permissions to stay or get flood proof gurantees for monsoon residents.
    These flagstone materials should be used wherever possible to get triple benefit
    Flood protection systems must have multiple benefits to fortify protection itself and protect against flood.
    Flagstone types, Thin pallet rocks can be used for buildings at flood, landslide risky areas. Triggers won't work for flood proof houses, slidy houses were targetted, triggered. Evacuate those houses now send, them to richer homes near and far. Rainy season is yet to be over and learn lessons for all rainy season ever going to come, Himmachal Pradesh.

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