White House Holds Press Briefing: July 26 | NBC News

Watch as White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki holds a press briefing.

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Live: White House Holds Press Briefing | NBC News


  1. I am so happy that President Biden has hired this person as his spokesperson, I think you all will notice her answers are straight down straight, she doesn't NOT LIE as Trump's 2 spokespersons lying about 80 % of the news reported.

  2. This administration is the biggest spreaders of covid 19 in the country. Over one million people have crossed the southern border during Biden's presidency unimpeded contagious or not. They have been transported all across the nation. Why hasn't he closed the border? Your regulations are nonsensical.

  3. Now Yemen Illegals get to stay here in America….Yemen is a breeding ground for Al Qaeda….another fu$ked up move from this administration to destroy America

  4. They want the American people vaccinated! But we have OPEN Borders, and Illegals are WELCOME into the country with COVID-19, Delta, and without VACCINES!! What EVIL Hypocrites! Vote them OUT, OUT in 2022….

  5. How do u know who has delta now after 9 months of coming up with a test to just check the original variant, which ever that is, the ,the original covid just one, nine, 1.9?? Or the 19=A.I (art*official intraconnection) a vaccine that is a live virus, Ovid means sheep surrender, c/Ovid is c sheep surrender, c'mon guys, stop asking and start getting 😡fed is def /deaf , does not hear Christ and forces death, then gov.org backwards is vog.(vogue) like shadow govt/ expan

  6. If the vaccine works, why are you pushing it so hard. You're worried that the unvaccinated will infect the vaccinated. Hmmm… lying commies

  7. The CDC doesn't want to give current numbers because it will show the vaccines don't work and more and more vaccinated people are showing up at the hospital then unvaccinated ones

  8. Brand New Tube, BitChute, Lbry, Odysee and Rumble have un cen sored Ne ws…..videos on these platforms: plan demic parts 1 and 2….video: Catherine Austin Fits Planet Lockdown….it's about five g radi ation not a v irus…..try Duck Duck Go as a search engine…..mamm. org that stands for Millions Against Medical Mandates……Dr. Sherri Tenpenny and Dr Rashid Buttar tell the truth about the v a x on Brand New Tube. C o m

  9. 🎭I'm against everyone and everyone's lies
    The greatest prison we live in is caring what other people think

  10. 157000 fake votes found in Wisconsin.
    The truth is out there.
    Donald J. Trump did not have to cheat. He won.

  11. Why is she reading off the answers to every question? You can see her looking down and reading. How could they possibly know what the questions are going to be?

  12. Why is it that the US has the (supposed) highest rates of vaxx in the world but also the highest percentage of mortalities?

  13. When will Jen admit that Joe does not make any decisions and is a puppet to the democrats I mean the people are not stupid the guy can’t put a coherent thought together

  14. But Jen most parents with kids under 12 don't have full time staff like you do, I'm not sure you can really relate, it's cute you think you can though.

  15. How do teachers feel about the contents of the vials of vaccines. ?? Should we vaccinate health care workers any way??

  16. It might be easier to fight the virus if you recognize the common understanding that this a familiar coronavirus/polio pandemic. It would be safer and easier to order the manufacturing of Salk vaccine.

  17. Why don't they look at the vaccines and explain the freezing temperatures and the presence of cells in the vials of vaccines??

  18. Alzheimer's is known to be caused by Aluminum ingestion and the FDA and EPA have been glacial in their efforts to eliminate aluminum ingestion in the USA. CFR69 pg419 . Aluminum hydroxide corrosion control Aluminum cans Alum silicate of aluminum in sugar salt spices and baked goods. Aluminum pipes in food processors have become common. It is no wonder the rare occurrence of Alzheimer's has become 100 percent of americans today.

  19. Can we expect the administration to notice the problems in Flint Michigan were based on the dangers of the common water treatment plants in every city in the world 🌎… What we believe is safe is causing cancer and Alzheimer's. Aluminum hydroxide corrosion control and Chlorinated water in water treatment have to be removed to reduce cancer and Alzheimer's.

  20. Where do we register for cancer treatment? When will you be ready for the cancer epidemic caused by the US vaccines across the world 🌍…

  21. They should be called Health and Medical Advisors. Expert is a strong word and I doubt all the members are experts in their field but they certainly are members of their particular field. Media chooses words specifically to woe you one way or another. Pay attention to the context.

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